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BBC温莎商会 会员出席商会2014/06/28活动
BBC温莎商会 会员出席商会2014/06/28活动

BBC温莎商会 会员出席商会2014/06/28活动

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地点:在Champion KTV, 103-215 Eugenie St.






活动费用:会员$15, 非会员$25 (含小吃及饮料)


You are invited and welcome to

Border Business Club (BBC) hosts annual party 2017

Time: January 19, 2017 at 7 pm on Thursday

Location: The Champion KTV

Add: 103-215 Eugenie St. W

Theme: Action * Innovation


BBC Summary and development

Karaok and networking to make new business friends.

Participants are requested to bring a gift of $ 10 or less for exchange.

Fee: $ 15 for members and $ 25 for non-members (including snacks and beverages)

How can BBC help?


BBC is a businessmen membership club since 2014 located in Windsor Detroit cross border region. BBC's founders are entrepreneurs all from local communities and contribute their best efforts to make local economic grow internationally and increase job opportunity, as well as incubate young entrepreneurs development. BBC is none profit organization.






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BBC will host an event for Chinese Midmoon Fest at 4:00pm-6:00pm on Sept.15, 2016 at Sunlife office. BBC will invite Genernal Consul of Mexico to give a speech about NAFTA and Mexcio business outline.


BBC support the 1st Asian Culture Festival on Aug.20. 2016. BBC is the chair for the festvial. BBC members contributes and sponsor to the event, for locaiton providers, booth and tents sponsorship, and T-shirt sponsors.

Anyone is welcome to visit the event on Aug.20 2016 at 799 Crawford Ave. Windsor.


You are welcome to join in BBC Wine Tasting monthly event. 

Date: Feb.18, 2016,  Thursday 12:00-13:30

Add: BBC office.

Winery Provider: Sprucewood Winery

Cost: non member: $5, pizza and drinks.



BBC will  organize wine a tasting gathering event. Local Winery Sprucewood will provide us a opportunity to taste local wine.

Please pay attention on WeChat notice for the details.

Hosted by Ted Yang &Greg. 


BBC will organize a gathering event for a world-cup final game.

Please pay attention on WeChat notice for the details.

Co-hosted by Martin Meng and Tony Pan. 


A brainstorming for Widsor Food Fest. Hosted by Ms. Wang.

Details please read on WEIChat.


BBC will invite Dr.Joe to have a lecture on theme of how to improve your business writting. Dr. Joe is an expert at English writting and public speaking, he is teaching English writting and public speaking at the St. Claire college, he is also an inventor to concept of BFB, a  theoratical writting skill process.


End of Summer BBC Gathering 夏末聚会

Keynote speech by Mr. Rakesh Naidu. COO of Windsor-Essex Development Corperation. 

Details, click here 活动详情请按这里进入


BBC was invited by DCBA (Detroit Chinese Busienss Association) for annual BBA party BBC会员参加底特律中华商会年度烧烤夏末聚会


Details, click here 活动详情请按这里进入


BBC Breakfast meeting with Henry Lau

BBC会员与Henry Lau举行早餐会,Henry获加国总理哈珀提名竞选国会议员

Details, click here 活动详情请按这里进入





BBC is supporting the Windsor Chinese Senior Service Association. To help local senior people.


August 30th,15